To order one or several albums

You may order album single or with the following bundles:

-Bundle 3 albums with TRACE S  40€ 

including shipping

-Bundle 6 albums (TRACE S double CD)  70€

including shipping

The best way for people out of France is to go to BOUTIQUE EN LIGNE

and order by CB or PayPal

Single 15 € including shipping 12 € without shipping
TRACE S double CD 20
including shipping
 17€ without
Bundle 3 albums

Choose 2 albums in the 5 below                             + double album TRACE S


=  40€

including shipping

Bundle  All albums

=  70€

including shipping

If you click on  "ORDER" you'll have access to an order form

that you can print and send back (payment by check)

shipping in France only

Payment by CB or PayPal