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Samples of pieces

1-Toujours la route

By riding, flying, hanging around melodies finally come in my

mind or in my heart

Clip: Emmanuel, Bernard DAUTANT



A feminity whose shapes would fade into spirituality

must exist as I have met her


3-Le passage

When I recorded this album I wrote some pieces for two guitars

I really felt like listening to this instrument 

played in duo. Here's one with Pierre AGOSTINO

whom with we often used to let our strings sound

4-Le Rag de Vincent

A ragtime for a guitar luthier friend of mine who passed away

He built two of the guitars that I play on this album


5-Petit Fré

He was his brother youngest brother and inherited

of that nickname, Petit Fré. He happened to be my father

I split myself in two guitar players for this piece

6-Stance pour une chasse d’eau

You can tune your guitar in a different way

and each time it's a new musical landscape

That's what I have done for this piece

I remember I was thinking of a troubadour

but I really don't know why I have choosen this title

( stance for a medieval flush)


7-Nuit landaise

A night in the Lands, les Landes

in the south west of France



The first time I heard the american guitarist

Leo Kottke play the 12 string guitar

I thought I heard an entire band

Therefore I bought myself a 12 string guitar.

A modest tribute to this great guitar player



9-Mauvais Ketchup

Composed for two guitars like a blues

hijacked by a dirty spot on my tablature

my guitar mate is Luc NIETO

a friend of mine guitarist and composer


10-Pour Christian

That was a long time ago. I was on my way to

a friend's mariage and I had no gift.....

11-Suite Bas-Rock

I love baroque music and I have mixed

a John Dowland composition to one of mine

to create this bas-rock medley


12-Le prince du DADGAD

A tribune to Pierre Bensusan great french guitar player

who's been touring all around the world tuning his guitar

in DADGAD  (The Prince of DADGAD )


13-Premier Mai à Bamako

The first time I went to Africa it was a first of May in Bamako

4-Un bacio nel viento

The only title interpreted on a classical guitar

and in italian although it's instrumental music

15-Equinoxe de guitares

Improvising during a night equinox not far from the ocean with


They play on GUITARES
Manu Guyot guit.jpg


Mauvais Ketchup

Manu Guyot
Nuit Landaise-Eclypse de guitares


Le passage

Graphisme et pochette BD

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