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TRACE S  Today


1-Les plages océanes  (ocean beaches)

Maybe you'll meet them someday, just like a love and you'll see it's hard to move away from them.

BD : Voice,programming, synthé, percus add, guitars, bass

Strings: Quatuor Akitania

Clip: Réalisation BD

2-Elysabeth Montgomery

Today the average lifetime of a couple is about ten years, so what's the use of feeding our

dreams with princes and princesses ? After all the need of dreaming seems to be stronger

A wink to Bewitched with Elysabeth Montgomery

BD: Voice,programming, guitars, samples

Omar KHEMRI : Basse

Clip: Réalisation BD

3-Pronostic vital enneigé  (vital (snowy) prognosis engaged ) 

As I was watching a report on tv about these young african boys trying to cross

the Alpes risking their lives,  the idea of this song came to me. A complex story where things would be easier if life was only black or white

BD: Voice,Guitares, dobro, programming, synthé

4-L'amour vrai (true love)

One morning something so simple came to me as an evidence, the affirmation of a vision of love as time passes

BD: Voice,Guitars, harmonica, programming, bass

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Drums

Sarah DURAND: Choirs

5-Victime et bourreau (victime and executioner)

I've been recording Rap for a few years and thus I could see how much text and sound architecture are close. A current theme on which on I felt like writing for a while

BD : Voice,Programming, échantillons rythmiques, dobro

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Tabla

6-La fille avec qui je dors (the girl I'm sleeping with)

Memory of a time when you could devine the intimacy of a love by the share of all these nights with sleeping complicity (or not) of bodies and souls

BD : Voice, guitar, synthé, bass, keyboard

Strings : Quatuor Akitania

Sophie BOUCHET: Choeurs



The first time I put my foot in Africa, it seemed to me I had already lived there, like a mother you find back. A land where simple joys are around worst violence and where men let them be black or white have the future to redefine themselves

BD: Voice, guitar, dobro, balafon

Hugues BOUSSEREAU: additional djembe 

APPOLOSS: Arrangement, percussions, voice, choirs

8-Elle est là (she is here)

There she is, her presence as good news you shouldn't deprive yourself of,

something obvious good to tell

BD : Voice, guitars, programming drums, synthé

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Additional percus

Omar KHEMRI : Bass

Strings : Quatuor Akitania

Sophie BOUCHET : Choirs

9-A Django (To Django)

Outstanding musician and composer who never denied his own culture, Django Reinhardt cannot leave indifferent anyone who some day took in his life the train of music

BD : Voice, guitar

Stéphane DURAND : Guitars, arrangement

Patrick BARLA : Stringbass

Liviu MUSIKUS : Violin

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon

10-Train de vie (Train of life)

When nothing goes right the address of another elsewhere can be a mirage, an escape or the only way to go on. Spiritual or physical wandering of life in folk ballads in a land where traveling is more a need than a luxury   

BD : Voice, Guitar, percus

Olivier LATASTE : Telecaster, dobro, arrangement

Hugues BOUSSEREAU: Snare

11-Tant et tant (so much, so much)

When I was finishing the album this song came to me, as the struggle of a life always to be renewed

BD : Voice, programming drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, synthé

Hugues BOUSSEREAU: organ, drums add

Omar KHEMRI : Bass


TRACE S Yesterday


1-En partance (Departure)

Always ready to explore new territories on earth, in my mind or in estheticism. Elsewhere is often the good adress

BD : Voice, acoustic and electric guitar, programming, drums, synthé, bouzouki, pétanque balls, bass

Sophie BOUCHET : choirs

2-Les fleurs du mal made in USA (Flowers of evil in USA)

A tribune to Simon and Garfunkel. Each verse of this song is a reference to a title or a verse of a Paul Simon's song, a songwriter I have admired for a long time

BD : Voice,  6 and 12 strings guitar,  electric, programming drums, keyboards

Pierre AGOSTINO, Sophie BOUCHET : Choir

Omar KHEMRI : Bass

3-Elle habite dans ma tête (She lives in my mind)

When living fragments of different stories, one is painting in the end the contours of fémininity as you can feel it

BD : Voice, Guitars, programming, drums, percus, samples, synthé, bass

Pierre AGOSTINO : choir

4-Les hommes du voyage (Men of traveling)

Our life is a choosen or suffered journey and each one of us has a sleeping nomad in him(her)self that makes him (her) go and see what's behind the line of the horizon

BD : Voice, Guitar, Kalimba, percus, programming, synthé

Khaled BENYAHIA : Oud

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : add percus 

5-Boulevard des rêves brisés (Broken dreams boulevard)

A song written on a quay of the Seine in Paris as the river  was carrying a few memories

BD: Piano, synthé, string arrangement 

Strings: quatuor Akitania

6-La Dame de Lyon (The Lady from Lyon)

Beyong the meeting with a Lady somewhat medieval, two different worlds and cultures take place in this song, For one Yes says "Oui" and for the other "Oc" and behind that is the conquest of the South by the North and the destruction of the Cathar religion by the Catholic church

BD : Voice, Guitar, psaltérion, dulcimer, bass, programming drums, synthé

Pierre AGOSTINO : Flutes, Mandolin

Strings : Quatuor Akitania


The last Cathars died burnt on the stake without renouncing their faith on the pog of Montségur in the Ariege district (south of France). A single location that some day or the other will  ring in the heart of any southern people who one day became aware of Occitanie (occitan land where occitan was spoken)

BD : Voice, piano, synthé, sound effects

Strings : Quatuor Akitania

Clip: Réalisation BD


When words turn out to be powerless, one hopes that the fragrance of  musical notes, of emotions, will be able to release the prisons of your soul, gradually disguised into a solitude verging to madness

BD : Voice, guitar, dobro, piano, percussions, bass

Katia DARISIO : Violon (Akitania)

Sophie BOUCHET : Choir

9-La laguë (The Lagüe)

A long time ago I collected this story about a lake in the middle of the Landes forest, situated in Albret county. From that story I wrote that song pigmented by medieval music and  intemporality

BD : Voice, guitar, mandol, bouzouki, psaltérion, programming drums, synthé

Pierre AGOSTINO : Flute

Guy BERTRAND : Flute, clarinet

10-Papa et maman (daddy and mummy)

A story so suffered by millions of kids  to day that you could see it as a normal habit, which would be a dramatic mistake

BD : Voice, Tres, programming drums

El Flaco : Flamenco guitars

Hugues BOUSSEREAU: Cajon

Omar KHEMRI : Bass

11-Silent river

Written in english a long time ago, this silent river runs in ourselves and lets us remember that just for a while we can be true 

BD :Voice, Guitars, programming drums

Jean Paul ALIMI: Keyboard

Omar KHEMRI : Bass

Guy BERTRAND : Clarinet, sax soprano

Sophie BOUCHET : Choir

samples of songs
Montage E m.jpeg

Composition, arrangement, réalisation sonore et musicale: Bernard DAUTANT

To my kids

They played on TRACE S


Patrick BARLA



Cajon, percussions, orgue


Chant, Percus,

arrangement Afrika


Stephane DURAND

Guitare arrangement manouche


Chant, flutes, mandoline

Jean Paul ALIMI



Flute, Sax soprano, clarinette



Arrangement Dobro, stratocaster

Train de vie

El Flaco

Guitare flamenca




Pour les clips
Emmanuel DAUTANT

Dessins, montages et photos BD sauf pour Papa et Maman,

dessin de Daniel LESAGE

Réalisation pochette: BD

Peinture: Monique DAUTANT

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