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1-J’en ai bavé (hard travelin')

The first time I heard that song it was when Graeme Allwright's adaptation

came out. I wrote another adaptation keeping the chorus as a wink

at Graeme and using a lot of metal sampling for the rhythm

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitar, metal samples 

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon



Thèse three musical notes meant money for all the inner

déportes who tried to reach California in the 30 ties.

They hoped to be in paradise and needed badly that Do Re Mi

to cross the californien border, although they were Americans

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitar, mandolin

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, snare

Jérome BERTRAND : Stringbass

Charlène MOURA : Fife




3-Danse un peu plus longtemps (Dance a little longer)

A not very well Woody's song that I heard when I met

Joël RAFAEL who recorded many GUTHRIE'S songs

A very good interpretation

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitars, mandolin

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, djembe

Charlène MOURA : Fife 

Strings : Quatuor Akitania

Omar KHEMRI : Bass



4-Immigré (Deporte)

In the days that followed an airplane crash in Los Gatos

Woody wrote that song`. Most of the victims were

mexican workers. A radio announcement gave the names

of the crew and said that the rest of the victims

were just deportes....

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitare, mandol, dobro

Charlène MOURA : Choir

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, keyboard

Omar KHEMRI : Bass


5-Je me ballade (Ramblin' round)

Woody Guthrie has sung a lot his fellow traveler's

situation. More often homeless, hoboes..

Ever present theme of the American folksong

that Kerouac, Springsteen or Dylan have echoed

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice guitars, synthé, cistre

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Snare, percus

Jérome BERTRAND : Accordion


6-Je sais plus où aller (I ain't got no home)

Another declination of theses traveling songs carrying

in themselves something timeless and universal

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitars, harmonica, dobro

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, percus


7-Elle chante comme mon amie (Way over yonder)

I didn't know that song until I met Joel RAFAEL

at the Okemah( woody's birthplace) annual Festival.

A not easy to understand song. I tried to make an 

adaptation as faithful and free of that tune. 

The music was composed by Billy BRAGG (english rocker)

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitars

Charlène MOURA: Choir and flute

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Percussions


8-Davey le gitan (Gipsy Davy)

In a popular imagination when Gypsies don't steal chicken

they will take honest people's wife.

A song so many times covered

Bernard DAUTANT : Dobro, jew's harp,

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, perçus, choir

Jérôme BERTRAND : Stringbass

Charlène MOURA : Fifer


9-Terres d’abondance (pastures of plenty)

First time I heard that song was by american folksinger

Tom PAXTON. It was on the LP tribute to Woody live

recorded a year after the singer's death in New York.

That song has been written considering the situation

of the déportes in the 30, 40 ties, 

it is and will be relevant as long as people will have to leave

their country because of misery and will take part to the

development of countries where they are accepted or tolerated

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, mandol, dobro

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Balafon, Cajon, percus


10-Sur mes marches (Stepstone)

That song is not very famous and carries a strong 

perfume of nostalgia

Bernard DAUTANT : Voice, guitar, Dobro, mandoline,


Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, percus

Jérôme BERTRAND : Accordion

Prechac Choir : Bruno, Catherine, Héléne, Monique…



11-La berceuse du vagabond (Hobo's lullaby)

When I was young when traveling I happened to sleep under

a bridge, under the rain, or be controlled by policemen

May be that's a reason why I was deeply touched 

by Woody's songs including that lullaby.

Some sweetness in a violent world for most of tramps and


Bernard DAUTANT : Chant, guitars, dobro, synthé

Hugues BOUSSEREAU : Cajon, clave

Jérôme BERTRAND : Accordion

songs samples

photos: BD, Musée Okemah, Antoine MAURICE

Ont participé à Woody en France


Cajon, percus diverses, voix



Charlène MOURA

Fifre, flute, choeurs


Photos BD

Choeur de Chiquot

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