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This was supposed to be the music of an advertising but it didn't work so I continued my fancy adding Champagne stoppers for the rhythm

Quatuor de Lyon

2- A la barbe d’Antoine

The only time I studied classical music it was

in Villeurbanne with composer Antoine DUHAMEL

who scored a lot for film music. He was a delightful man and on occasion I composed a few pieces under his very nose

Quatuor de Nice


3-Daisy danse

I have declined in quatuor the theme of "Daisy danse", a song you can find on my album « A fleur de peau »

Quatuor Akitania


Written from a melodic sample of a Woody Guthrie's song.

Hobos used to take freight trains traveling secretly

through America in the 30ties, at the risk of their life

Quatuor Akitania



Cover of the song  on the LP « A fleur de peau »

with a string arrangement

Quatuor de Nice

6-Sida song

A the beginning it was a song that turned out to be a quatuor

Quatuor Akitania

7-Rose pourpre

This piece came from an exercice of writing music based on the Woody Allen movie "The purple rose of Caïro"

Quatuor de Nice


8-Le quatuor de la linotte

This tune came as I was playing with kids in a library dedicated to them

Quatuor Akitania

9-La Dame de Lyon

Another declination of this song from my album TRACE S

Quatuor de Nice

10-Tango pour une chaise

At first this music was written for a dance show and finally found

its way in this album

Quatuor Akitania

11-Oui tu m’auras aimé

Another song from « A fleur de peau » rewritten for string quartet

I developed an idea created by musician arranger Genny DETTO

Quatuor de Nice

12-Se canto

The occitan hymn. It says that "the lover would like the mountains could subside so that he can see her beloved"

Quite different from "May impure blood soak our fields furrows"

(La Marseillaise)

Quatuor Akitania


13-Tire bouchon

A different exposition of this theme.

Both recordings were made in Lyon in the 90 ties with an improvised quartet

Quatuor de Lyon



Samples of songs

Le quatuor Akitania

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